5 Things To Love When You Travel

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If you haven't guessed by now from the amount of times we use the word "y'all," or read about how we met on our "About Us" page, we will tell you now — we are proud born and raised Texans. Yes, we take any opportunity to bring up Texas. But today we have a special occasion to mention our home state. Get ready y'all for a Memorial Day weekend in Texas! 

Traveling over long weekends is hard on a budget, but this year is a special occasion. We are headed to Michael's home in Dallas for his parents 80605020 party. A lot of you are probably asking what does that even mean ... it's a pretty big deal. This weekend, wrapped into one beautiful, epic party, we are celebrating: Michael's Grandpa Stu's 80th birthday; Sheri Berry's (Michael's mom) 60th birthday; Michael's dad Peter is turning 50 and also reached his 20-year work anniversary at The Richards Group. Whew ... that was a mouth-full! 

Many don't know how expensive flights are between Charleston and Texas, which is why we are unable to visit as much as we'd like. But when we do travel, why not love it?



1. Love your luggage.

We pack our carry-ons with purpose. Michael carries his Patagonia Black Hole Pack filled with all the necessities we would need on the plane to entertain. Peak inside and you'll find portable chargers, a laptop with a few movies (we recently teared up to Coco on our way home from Christmas.) and a deck of cards for emergencies if the power runs out. Ian is more practical with his North Face Base Camp Duffel and packs our toiletries and an extra outfit for both of us if our luggage was ever lost. Love your luggage with stylish carry-ons and pack with purpose.

2. Love the camera.

There are two things we have on us at all times — our phones and a tripod. You will not love what we say next, but we can't go into more details right now. We do promise to fill you in why carrying a tripod everywhere, especially when we travel, is a necessity.

3. Love the security line.

Passenger traffic at the Charleston airport has grown 75 percent in the last 10 years, causing crowds and longer lines. No one loves waiting in the security line, so we wear our Leather Blundstone Boots — where form meets function. They are comfortable for long plane rides and easy to take off in the security line. Don't be the person walking barefoot through security. For the first time ever, we will officially say, I do not love that for you.  

4. Love your scruff.

When we travel, we travel for special occasions. Let us tell you one of our biggest turn-offs — neck beards. If you have not tried out the Philips OneBlade, you are missing out. Trim, edge and shave with this cordless shaving gadget and you'll look fresh all weekend.

5. Love the people around you.

We combined our family Christmas this year, but that wasn't always the case. Learning our to handle holidays as a couple is tough, y'all! Two years ago, we decided to split Christmas between our families and flew from Dallas to Houston. It was on this 45 minute flight where we met a fellow Charlestonian. After talking through the entire flight, we realized we had a ton of mutual friends and exchanged business cards. We know. Sometimes you want to block out the world with earphones and a good movie, but it never hurts to have business cards ready. We recently designed ours with MOO and can't wait to share them with y'all!