Eat Local Challenge - Friday

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Edmunds Oast I Love That For You Table.jpg

Address: 1081 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC  29403

Happy Friyay, y’all! For our last #EatLocalChallenge stop, we had to go to the local restaurant we take almost every person to who visits us in Charleston - Edmund's Oast. This place is more than a restaurant, but unique combination of a brewery, seasonally-focused kitchen and creative bar. It doesn't hurt to also have one of the best burgers in Charleston, which Michael gets at every brunch, no matter how early. 

We fell in love at brunch, as the story goes. Of course mimosas were obligatory, but those were old times, that was back then before our favorite server April introduced us to a new life choice - you’ll read about this later. Whether dining in for brunch with a visiting cousin, or meeting a friend for a charcuterie board dinner, we leave happy and full every time. 


Before even walking through the front doors, Edmund’s Oast is alive - various areas of tree-shaded patio seating and a large outdoor patio, “The Bower,” covering wooden tables surrounded by lantern lighting set the vibe. On spring evenings, this is prime location.

It was the time we took Michael’s cousin Eleanor who was visiting on Spring Break, when we met two new favorites - our server April and the Red Wedding. If y’all ever go here, sit in April’s section. She is somehow able to quickly get to know who you are in your soul and what that soul needs to drink. For us, it was their Red Wedding. We were not disappointed.  

The Red Wedding is a “shape-shifting” Old Fashioned with bourbon, Averna and hibiscus/ginger/thyme/black tea ice cubes. The cocktail is filled with rich flavor as the ice cubes melt - so take a sip quick if you like the taste of stronger drinks. Pair this cocktail with their well-known burger, or a crisp chop salad and call it a night…well, at least after a round or two more. 

We want to thank y’all from the bottom our true Texan hearts for following along with us this week as we took on the #EatLocalChallenge. We might be from Texas, but exploring this city is what makes it feel like home.

So treat yo’ self to something local this weekend, y’all. Because I Love That For You.

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