Eat Local Challenge - Monday

After six days of basic pasta, we are officially out of leftovers. This can only mean it's time for one thing ... to accept the #EatLocalChallenge, which includes our list of favorite local eats. Lowcountry Local First has inspired us to give our hard earned money to places contributing back to the community. For every $100 spent at a local store, an average of $45 is reinvested in the community, and that is something we LOVE.

For the next week, you'll experience two people trying their best to stay away from the grocery store frozen food aisle and experience all Charleston has to offer ... locally. We accept the challenge, while on a budget.

We'll be updating daily, so love locally with us.

East Side Bagel I Love That For You.JPG

Address: 8-D Line Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Michael was first introduced to Eastside Bagel while watching our neighbor's Instagram story showcasing savory breakfast bagels at a place unknown to us, but nearby. The second time Eastside Bagel grabbed our attention was when Ian noticed something out of the ordinary for our neighborhood ... a friendly door hanger. A door hanger listing an enticing full menu and even a 25 percent discount coupon.

What made us visit? The door hanger. It became our mission to figure out who had the balls to open a bagel sandwich shop in the Eastside. Y'all, when a door hanger pops up in the Eastside of downtown Charleston - and another the next day - it's telling you taste those bagels ... and we did.


We were greeted by the owners, Eric and Jesse, immediately upon walking into the cutest and creative casual eatery on the Eastside. Y'all, these bagels are delicious. Each ingredient combination is calculated and made with love. We learned Eric and Jesse are long time buds who got together to "obey the calling of the bagel."

The bagel of our calling was The Urban Sombraro (spelled with an "a") - almost a requirement for us Texas natives. An Everything Bagel filled with Sliced Ham, Scrambled Eggs, Pepper Jack Cheese and Jalapeños gave our Texas tastebuds exactly what they desired. Ian went with the traditional order and Michael got crazy by substituting ham for bacon.

Don't get confused and think Eastside Bagel is only for breakfast. They also offer diverse lunch, catering and carry-out menus. Word on the street is they'll be available on UberEats soon. PS - check out their neighborhood bookcase.

If you have a hankering for a bagel, need to earn those office brownie points, or want to eat local like us, Eastside Bagel is your answer. So give it a try y'all! Because I Love That For You.

Eastside Bagel's "The Urban Sombraro"

Come back tomorrow for our favorite outdoor secret on days you need an escape!