Eat Local Challenge - Tuesday

The Harbinger Cafe Owners.JPG

Address: 1107 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

The Harbinger Cafe is as warm and inviting as those who make it feel like home. The "from-scratch kitchen" features locally-sourced, seasonal breakfast and lunch menus, as well as top-notch baked goods. We've celebrated birthdays, indulged with our friends and enjoyed midday lunch dates, making this oasis our nearby escape.

Why is The Harbinger Cafe a local favorite of ours? Because of the owners Cameron Neal and Greer Gilchrist. They embody the meaning of the word "harbinger," which the cafe's website defines as one who foreshadows what is to come. They saw the desire for more plant-based, gluten-free and local options. Both know the answer to any question asked, detailing exactly where the delectable food is from and what to expect on the menu next. Luckily, Greer gave us the inside scoop on what they're making - or should we say baking - at the Lowcountry Local First 11th Annual Chef's Potluck. We'll leave you with one word - strawberries. Trust us, you want to purchase a ticket to taste this treat.


In our opinion, the best part of this cafe makes it our escape. After entering, follow the long hallway to the back and you'll find a patio exuding relaxation vibes. We've had a hard time lately searching for a little outdoor oasis on the peninsula for lunching and sipping, but we found the hidden treasure.

While deciding what to eat for lunch, Ian grabbed us two glasses of sparkling rosè. The crisp, refreshing rosè matched our atmosphere. Cameron later told us it's sold by the bottle right next door at Monarch Wine Merchants - definitely try out their wines, y'all! Pairing our drink with the light breeze and ample shade from the trees above, we both said, "this is relaxing," in unison. (Side note: we do that annoying thing where couples say the exact same thing at the same time quite frequently ... yes, we know it's creepy).

We always find ourselves staying longer than planned and wanting to stay in our cozy environment, but only leave knowing we will be back soon. Every one needs an escape. This one has locally sourced, mouth-watering food made from-scratch. Go ahead, test out our secret escape. We won't get mad, because I Love That For You.

The Harbinger Cafe Patio.png

Come back tomorrow - we're getting a little grabby.

Michael & Ian