Eat Local Challenge - Wednesday

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Address: 701 East Bay St, Charleston, South Carolina 29403

We are at the half-way mark in our #EatLocalChallenge and it is more fun than expected. Although we finally feel in the groove, we sometimes need something delicious, simple, quick and local. This is when Mercantile and Mash steps in to save us as our gourmet food emporium. It is conveniently located in the cigar factory and only one block from where we live. The interior is draped with warm Edison bulbs, casting an inviting glow on the sidewalk for those to come in.

After moving from James Island to the Eastside, Mercantile and Mash became our one-block-away go-to spot. The place when we need something quick, but local and scrumptious. When Michael wants more than a banana for breakfast before work and no time to sit down. When we wake up to a beautiful and charming Charleston morning, begging us to walk to breakfast. When we shared the 2017 Total Eclipse with neighbors and strangers who all became friends. Mercantile and Mash illuminate the best of our new neighborhood.


For us, Mercantile and Mash is the best quality "grab-and-go" around with options for any food mood you're in. Michael loves grabbing one of the breakfast sandwiches on his way to work, specifically the Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a fresh English Muffin.

Ian, on the other hand, loves indulging in sweet bakery treats on the weekend, such as the chocolate croissant temptingly displayed at the counter upon checkout - too good to resist. When Ian really wants to treat himself, he will order the Paris by Night. The thick, rich espresso drink is his favorite Nitro Vietnamese Iced Coffee available in Charleston. 

The hard part of walking in, or should we say out, of Mercantile and Mash? Leaving without everything. The restaurant houses a unique selection of homemade items and local products, all of which we must have or we will live no longer without. Yes, we must have the oil and matching vinegar dispensers to use with the locally made bread. Of course, we must purchase a few bottles of Bittermilk (another local company) to spruce up our cocktails or we shall never host friends at our house again. Give it to us all!

If you need something to "Grab n' Go," you'll probably run into us at Mercantile and Mash, and you know I Love That For You.

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Tomorrow we dedicate to Drake, because "it's hard to do these things alone ... just hold on we're going home."