Five Podcasts That I Love For You



Y'all, we have found a new obsession. We know we are a little late to the game, but we are OBSESSED with podcasts. We have a new ritual when cooking dinner or dilly-dallying around the house, which begins with "Hey, Google, play ..."

Last week's blog post, "Can I Ask You a Question," was a little on the heavy side, so today we are sharing our “Five Podcasts That I Love For You."

These are a reflection of our interests and comedy we enjoy. There are many others, but these are our go-tos, so we hope y'all enjoy!


The Southern Fork.jpg

Do y'all want to hear some of the South's most interesting culinary stories? This podcast (@southernfork) is hosted by Stephanie Burt, a writer/editor based in Charleston, S.C., which was also a finalist in the 2017 Saveur Blog Awards. Stephanie explores the South with a Southerner's most important tool ... a fork, and introduces us to the amazing culinary wonders of the South. She even added a new opinion-based segment, so join the conversation with us!

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Bitch Sesh.jpg

We LOVE the Real Housewives ... every single franchise. Hosted by Casey Wilson (@caseyrosewilson) and Danielle Schneider (@daniellecarolineschneider), this podcast (@bitchsesh) discusses and answers questions to every season's wildest moments - all while drinking Housewives-branded wine and amazing special guests. So as they say, "Don't be tardy to the party!"

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Anna Faris Unqualified.jpg

On our first date, we discovered something vital we had in common - our love of Anna Faris, who has starred in some of our all-time favorite films, such as "Scary Movie," "The House Bunny" and "Smiley Face." This podcast (@unqualified) does not disappoint and provides the "not-great-relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types" we need. The main reason we always come back for more? Her special guests open up and are seriously hilarious. See Kelly RipaRu Paul and Aubrey Plaza

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Bravo TV's The Daily Dish.jpg

We know ... another podcast about the Real Housewives franchise. But we are not joking when we say we LOVE this franchise. The Daily Dish spills the tea straight from Bravo HQ - producers Megan Segura (@megsegura) and Rachael Roberts (@suspiciouslysmall) break down the previous night's most outrageous moments, diving into the headlines everyone's talking about. What makes this a favorite? Y'all will hear top-secret Bravo news on what's coming up next ... because there is NEVER enough Bravo. 

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Who? Weekly.jpg

This podcast (@whoweekly) is dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's best and worst "Whos" and "Thems" - terms you will learn to live by after listening. Ian's friend, Zareen (@zareensidd) from Pop Sugar, introduced us to this podcast full of everything you need to know about celebrities you don't and is hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber. Our insider secret? The Who? Weekly Facebook Group. You'll have to listen to know the answers y'all will be asked before joining, but it is well worth it.

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Start your week right by wetting your palate, sipping some tea, and laughing a lot by listening to our list of "Five Podcasts That I Love For You." Do you have a favorite? Sharing is caring, so let us know! Because #ILoveThatForYou