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The power of blogging and sharing our story has brought us closer to local artists who love just as hard as we do. Today, we’d like to share the story of our new friends, Alex and Emily - two locals in love who pioneered Naked Eyes Jewelry out of a passion for seeing true beauty in the elements surrounding us. Unsurprisingly, it all began at Edmund’s Oast (y'all know we love that place.).

One perfect spring afternoon, we found ourselves outside in The Bower sitting across from Alex and Emily, each with an IPA in hand. Although we had not yet met in person, we both felt a strong connection after seeing their jewelry (pieces of art) and reading a short version of their story online. The version in person brought out the same feelings, but even stronger. We learned they are also almost about to hit their four-year relationship mark, and moved to Charleston to fill ambitious dreams ... just like us.


As we went around the table sharing where we want to go and who we want to be, the fire in their eyes became hard to ignore. It was gentle, sweet, caring, bold, fearless and polished. By the end of the evening, we found ourselves leaving with two new friends.

The connection we immediately formed with Alex and Emily is the same connection we formed with their jewelry ... their art, their craft. The fire in their eyes translates to their jewelry, such as the cuffs on our wrists right now, as we write. It is bold and fearless, but with a polish. It’s milky complexion and a feeling that is soft-to-the-touch echoes the characteristics of gentle, sweet and caring.

Both masculine and feminine, each piece makes a statement standing the test of time. Naked Eyes Jewelry is timeless. 


These beautiful brass cuffs are wearable for any occasion. We love the simplicity and minimalist design of the various sizes and love to pair them stacked or by themselves. 

Ian fell in love with the 40 Brass cuff because it stood out against his skin, which is 40 mm wide. He loves the idea of having one beautiful statement piece of jewelry reflecting his everyday style - from work to ruckus rides around the city. 

Michael couldn’t resist the idea of stacking the 20 Brass and 10 Brass. His longer forearms just begged for the duo. When you stack the two pieces you have a more dynamic look, which catches the light beautifully. 

Each day is different, however. What we love most about these brass beauties is readjusting them to our own individual sizes - regardless of whether Ian or Michael is wearing a specific cuff.

These cuffs are the definition of a statement piece and go with every outfit we wear - to work, an evening out or just running errands. Look at the cuffs we have in various sizes - 40 mm, 20 mm and 10 mm.

Ian’s love for the Flat Link Chain Necklace sits right next to his love for pizza, and has taken a personal effect on his style. This chain brought out a sense of confidence and boldness his everyday wardrobe needed. Ian loves the swagger and refined edge of this sterling silver piece and is looking forward to its raw finish to polish with time. Just like him. 

Michael was told several years ago by Ian to lose the necklaces. He was confidently wearing up to 4 cheap necklaces from urban outfitters with tank tops. Think, music festival meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Since then, necklaces were not an option, he could not find a single necklace that was classic and unique enough. This changed when the Long Link Chain necklace went around Michael's neck. The milky, long stretched links are unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Y'all. We can not get enough of these chains, or the compliments we receive when wearing them. Check out our favorite chain here


Funny story - Emily loved designing these earrings so much she gave them her middle name! When she first introduced them to us, she explained how she wants everyone to enjoy them, even men. Because their jewelry is gender neutral, we could easily see ourselves sporting them if our own ears were pierced.

When we met up with our friend Rachel Page in Dallas to take a photo against the iconic "cherry wall," we knew she had to try them out. They are such a simple statement piece, they popped most out of the entire photo. 

The raw finish will polish as you wear - like breaking in your favorite pair of jeans.

Do The Catherines speak to you as much as they speak to us, and our friend Rachel? View them here.

Y'all know this couple is all about the details. When you receive your new jewelry, it is in a small little bag, which metalsmiths use to hold small parts. They think of every last detail with pure passion. 


Alex told us a story while watching him make the jewelry that was truly inspiring about their love for the elements surrounding us. He prefaced it by saying, "sorry if I get too nerdy," and we giggled imploring for more. But did you know gold only exists from the colliding of two supernova stars shredding pieces of gold as they implode? The remaining gold, included in other pieces of their line, remind them of wearing stars on your wrists. Who doesn't want to wear stars on their wrists? 

As we watched, we were able to snag a video of Alex burning the brass for the cuffs - anytime fire is involved, we will capture it on video. This process is what gives each unique piece of jewelry its malleable characteristic and then polished for its eye-catching color. 

Naked Eyes Jewelry describes how the metal interacts with the body, stripping the jewelry away, and made by a metalsmith. We found new friends who happen to create beautiful art. Do you like to make a statement as well? Because #ILoveThatForYou