Local Love List - Circe's Grotto

I Love That For You Circe's Grotto.png

How are y'all loving our #LocalLove list so far? Our third stop brings us to one of our all-time favorite eateries, Circe's Grotto. Now how did we hear about this perfectly compact local slice of heaven in the heart of downtown? You could say it all started when Ian began working at the Half-Moon Outfitters downtown location and flagship store.

Before Circe's Grotto, finding a place to eat during his lunch break was never easy. Not because of the lack of options but rather the decision he must make surrounded by Charleston's newest addition to the Food & Beverage industry. But who knew the answer to his lunch prayers was located only a block away. An answer serving only the highest of quality sandwiches, wraps and salads ... all at a fair price.

Circe's Grotto is the third addition to our #LocalLove list for many reasons, but as much as Michael hate's to say it out loud, it was all because of Professor Ian. 

Opening the door to Circe's Grotto welcomes you to a cozy, open flow throughout the eatery. Y'all can even see every order being prepared in the kitchen. Tables and a bar line the walls of the room, so use the best opportunity on your way to order and subtlety check out what delectable dishes others have ordered.

Before even ordering, we always feel as if we are apart of a family. Why? As Owner Nick Stella says, "We are a family affair." The restaurant is owned and operated by the Stella family: Susan, Ed, Brandon and Nick. Circe's Grotto never disappoints, which is attributable to Nick's passion - quality and substance. He uses nothing but the best products and still sells at a fair price. If we could use one word to describe Nick and his family, it's trustworthy.

The menu above the counter is filled with staples for brunch and lunch, and includes vegetarian and vegan friendly options. It does not change often, unlike many restaurants in Charleston, because Nick believes in keeping patron favorites, which happens to be the entire menu. 

Fun fact alert! There are two dishes Michael loves most in this world - Basic Pasta (which y'all already know way to well) and Grilled Cheese. Michael's mom, who we call Sheri Berry, makes the BEST Grilled Cheeses you've ever tasted. Circe's Grotto is a close second, but only because Michael will never strip the title from his mom. At Circe's Grotto, he loves adding a little bacon, because when you have the word "bacon" tattooed on your wrist, it's almost a requirement.

Ian's favorite is either the Mixed Greens Salad (Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Gorgonzola and Apple) or the Salsa Wrap with bell peppers added. Don't forget to visit the refrigerator case for a selection of the most unique and delicious beverages you've seen!

What do we love for you? Seriously, Circe's seating is stupendous. Whether sitting at the tall table tops inside or taking advantage of an unbelievably beautiful outdoor patio scattered with umbrellas in the middle of downtown Charleston, it's the best seat in (or outside of) the house.

 Y'all know we LOVE a great outdoor patio. We were shooketh to the core after finding a calm, quite patio a block away from King Street. During peak tourist season, it's still a great escape!

If y'all have seen Ian's calves, it is clear we use the Holy Spokes Bike Share frequently (annoyingly for Michael, it's also just natural). Hop on one of these Charleston blue bikes and drop it off at the bike corral only one block away at Market Corner.

Circe's Grotto is located at 85 Wentworth Street, Charleston, SC 29401. Come with us next time and feel welcomed and warm. As we sing "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, y'all come with us next time, because #ILoveThatForYou.