Local Love List - Miller Gallery

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We hope y'all enjoyed our first #LocalLove yesterday, Sneaker! Prepare to make a new best friend, which is what happened when we walked through the doors of Miller Gallery. How did we first hear about Miller Gallery? As it turns out, the owner Sarah Miller attended the College of Charleston with our friend from Naked Eyes Jewelry, Emily Hill. They both majored in Arts Management, eventually lived in the same dorm building and are still best friends today. No wonder we fell in love so fast with both Sarah Miller and Miller Gallery!

How we choose what local business to feature on our #LocalLove List boils down to why we initially started I Love That For You - to connect on a genuine and authentic level. Sarah Miller and what she has curated is as genuine as it gets, so join us and learn why you'll say #ILoveThatForYou

Walking into a gallery can be intimidating, especially when you're two dudes on a budget trying to expand our art palette. At Miller Gallery, say goodbye to the feelings of anxiety and the self-imposed pressure to provide over-the-top, highbrow critiques. The environment Sarah has shaped is one where all opinions are accepted, which starts from the outside with a hanging sign that reads, "ART FOR ALL."

Don't let our (Michael's) lack of expertise in this area bring you any doubts. Sarah has extensive experience in providing expert insight to new and seasoned collectors. After a good chat, we discovered she previously worked at another favorite Charleston gallery, Mitchell Hill, before opening her own. It all began to make sense why we felt at home.

First, a little about Miller Gallery. As a wholly curated gallery, which celebrated its one-year birthday only 11 days ago, y'all will feel the wave of cohesion gracing your glances as you walk in. Now here's what we love most - around 60 percent of the artists are local, and y'all know we love local.

What do we love for you? Miller Gallery's versatility. Curated for art collectors and the normal, everyday art appreciators, y'all will find statement pieces one would die for and pieces y'all could buy today! It's not surprising one of the most popular pieces are the Assorted Ceramic Donuts ($52 each) ... because, you know, donuts. The Vendue loves them so much that the hotel has 42 donuts on display for the new Recipe Exhibit (on display until September) but still for sale! Don't worry y'all, a simple assortment of three will suffice to make your statement.

Y'all know we have two dogs, Baker and Jackson. As avid dog lovers, our eyes bolt to anything dog related whatsoever. We were happy to have our dreams fulfilled as we spotted a few ceramic hand-graffiti bulldogs and chihuahuas. Seriously though, if we could pull an "Oprah" moment and scream, "You get a dog! You get a dog! You get a dog!" we would in a heartbeat. But maybe, just maybe, if y'all wish hard enough, dreams might come true.

Miller Gallery is located at 149 1/2 East Bay Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401. The Holy Spokes Bike Share corral at the Customs House is two blocks away and the perfect solution to avoid downtown parking. Sarah Miller created space y'all will love to explore. Y'all might love getting to know Sarah even more; it's a toss-up. No matter what y'all choose, #ILoveThatForYou.