Local Love List - Sneaker

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Ian first brought the store Sneaker, which is located on King Street, to Michael's attention one night while watching TV. He said, "Babe! You have GOT to look at this Instagram aesthetic." Michael pulled out his phone and searched @sneaker_chs, which was followed by a dropped jaw and Ian whispering, "right?" Michael was so impressed he included it as one of his favorite Instagram accounts for Rawle Murdy's blog post on "30 Instagram Accounts We Love."

We are positively ecstatic to share our favorite local loves with y'all this week and proud to kick it off with Sneaker. Read why we HAD to include Sneaker in our #LocalLove list below!

We visited Sneaker for our Local Love list on a hot and humid Charleston summer day. Walking only three blocks away from where we dropped off our Holy Spokes Bikes at a nearby corral, we already established a healthy layer of dripping sweat.

But during the walk down the alleyway, we found ourselves in an oasis. A place with a cool breeze and calming courtyard. A place where thoughts of heat exhaustion disappeared. We had time to collect and prepare ourselves for the beauty inside. 

As you open the door, the layout is breathtaking. Organized, clean, minimalistic, modern and set in a historic Charleston carriage house. Pops of color will catch your eye from the beautifully merchandised shoes, shirts and accessories. Ever observant, Ian noted if you pay close enough attention, y'all will see tastefully hidden little green army men doing yoga throughout the store. Every detail of the store is well thought out, including the handcrafted lighting above, which is made by Worley's Lighting - a couple living in Charlotte, NC and a manufacturing studio in Rockhill, SC.

Locally owned and operated by JP Hudson, he opened Sneaker in November 2012, driven by his lifelong passion for sneakers and fashion. He hand curates every item in the store, especially those hard to find. JP's current favorite brand in the store? Veja shoes. These shoes are ethically and ecologically grounded (great article by Highsnobiety in more detail) and made out of ecological and sustainable materials.

What do we love for you? Of course, the shoes. We could spend hours simply looking at the shoes, let alone trying them on and coming to a decision. But Sneaker offers so much more. As a side note, anytime J. Stark is included and part of the hand-selected curated items, we want to scream, "YAS!" But specifically, The Mr. Gray Hiki Soroi Invisible Melange 3-Pack socks are a MUST. As an avid hat lover, Michael would suggest the Raised by Wolves Palm Polo Cap Black made with precision and an eye for detail. Even the Sneaker Heather Grey Pocket T-Shirt is a simple must have. Y'all. We love these so much we wish we could just give them away! Hmmm ... 

Once a living space and now a store, y'all will love this place as much as us. Sneaker is located at 237 King Street, Unit D, Charleston, South Carolina 29401. Do you love to feel right at home when you shop as much as we do? Because #ILoveThatForYou.