Local Love List - Wine & Company

Y'all. We have made it to our final #LocalLove on the list. We've taken you to experience Sneaker, explore Miller Gallery and enjoy at Circe's Grotto. There is no better way to end a list of local love than with the perfect glass of wine. Only one wine bar in Charleston pours the perfect glass and pairs it with a service style so warm y'all will feel like long lost friends. Of course, we are talking about Wine & Company

Wine & Company (@wineandcompany) landed on our list because the owner Joshua Walker, a native Charlestonian, created the perfect atmosphere for a glass of wine no matter the occasion. Wanting to meet up with friends mid-week but have no idea where to go? Perhaps you're trying to find the ideal place for a first date. Or maybe you need a glass of wine in a laid-back environment after a long week. Regardless of the occasion, Wine & Company is the answer

For us, it all began when our friends, Barb (@blushingalpacas) and Cory (@skidmorediaries), invited to a wine bar we have never visited before. We were shocked when we looked up directions and realized it was only a couple blocks away. Yes, we could have walked. But hopping on a Holy Spokes Bike is always so much more fun.

As we approached the doors, we knew Barb and Cory led us to the right place after seeing a lit up display of "WINE" in the window. Ian, always the gentleman, opened the door and Michael had no idea what to look at first - the tallest wall of wine that he's ever seen on the left, champagne sabering right in front of our eyes from behind the bar, or our friends walking towards us for a warm welcome. This was literally the best first impression we've ever had.

After finally settling into the bar, a super "chill" sommelier asked us what we would like to drink. Not really sure what our mood required, they asked us five questions on taste preferences and returned with three different wines. Y'all. Every single wine was unbelievably on point and exactly what our taste buds craved. They told us the story of each wine and we have never been so captivated. After finally deciding, we settled in for an evening of friends, wine and the best charcuterie board we've tasted or seen.

We also learned many of those who frequent the wine bar purchase a bottle of wine, and Wine & Company will hold on to it for your next visit. This place truly goes the distance to provide everything you need, from knowledge to temporary storage.

What do we love for you? Wine Tasting Tuesday. When Michael heard about this weekly event for the first time, his oversized-for-an-iPhone fingers could not text Ian fast enough to tell him we now had Tuesday night plans. Not just plans, plans only costing us $10. SERIOUSLY? Seriously. 

Every Tuesday, Wine & Company hosts a Wine Tasting Tuesday from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. and each time surprises us with a special twist. We have gone on a tour of European wine, strolled through the wine of Italy and ventured onward to taste the wine of Africa. Regardless of where we're traveling to for our Tuesday Tasting, we return for the laid-back atmosphere we've grown accustomed to enjoying.

Wine & Company is located at 441 Meeting St Ste. B, Charleston, SC 29403. If you chose not take a Holy Spokes Bike like we do, that's ok! There is plenty of parking right across the street. 

Y'all. We cannot express how much we love y'all for following us along our #LocalLove list. No matter the city, supporting local is true to the core. If you haven't entered our Local Love giveaway on Instagram yet, there's still time! Visit our post here on how to enter.

This week we supported our local loves. What we didn't expect was the insurmountable level of support we received in return. Because no matter who you are and as long as your true, #ILoveThatForYou.