We're Michael and Ian. One day we realized you can‘t see the world when living in a closet. We started our Instagram account (@ilovethatforyou) in early 2018 because we felt like we had no idea what we were doing … and we still don’t in many ways. This is a story of two Texans living in Charleston, SC trying to figure it out. Let us figure it out first, so you can say I Love That For You.

We have a passion for exploring the Holy City and home decor, but in our free time you’ll find us eating pizza while drinking wine and watching Netflix. We are so happy y’all are here to figure it out with us.


Our Inspiration

We realized while scrolling through a favorite home decor account one night, we saw the inspiration was unrealistic for us to achieve. We needed to see someone who doesn’t have it all figured out, but they’re trying. Someone genuine and inspiring. Someone with as much passion for their dreams as we do. Then we said, if we can’t find it…let’s share it.

We are far from perfect but couldn’t be happier to have y’all join us on this journey and see how much I Love That For You.

I Love That For You - Piggy Back

Our Story

During another hot Houston, Texas summer in 2014, we stood front row for Flosstradamus at the Free Press Summer Fest Saturn Stage, only 13 people separated us. We met seven days later on an app (yes, an app) and Ian’s sarcastic digs at Michael’s height gave him the butterflies. We learned there was too much in common to ignore.

Our first date consisted of a glass or two, or three, of our favorite drink, Jack and Sprite. We talked until dawn.

I Love That For You About.jpg

Two weeks after meeting, Ian said, “Michael, I’m in love with you.” Michael’s reply? “Thanks.” To this day, it is still one of Michael’s biggest regrets - not saying it back when he knew he felt the same way, but had no idea the butterflies and sweaty palms were only a few of the symptoms of true love.

We have called Charleston home for four years in and are going through the rollercoaster of figuring it all out.

I Love That For You About

Unemployed, a server, valet attendant, public relations professional and manager of a store on King Street, we are not skipping a single step. We have no idea what the future will look like, but we know it will be fabulous, filled with laughter and together.

If y’all have any questions for us, please drop us an email at yall@ilovethatforyou.com.