As many of y’all know, one of our all-time favorite “hobbies” is a night of #NetflixAndChill. What many don’t know is our deep love for scary movies. It doesn’t matter the genre because we are down for any type of scare.

Michael’s most frequent Google search is usually “best scary movies to stream right now,” but the results always list the same 10 scary movies over and over. This year, we’ve created our own list of scary movies not found on many lists. So grab your popcorn, open Netflix, and get ready to scream, because I Love That For You.


Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror

When a student’s suicide rattles an all-girls Catholic school, a clairvoyant counselor leans on a ghost to uncover the convent’s abusive past.

Why We Love This Scare: Sipping on wine whilst watching a foreign film made us feel très chic . . . until spilling our wine from jumping.

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The Vault

Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery

A bank heist takes an unnerving turn when the three sibling robbers attempt to gain entrance into a subterranean vault with sinister secrets.

Why We Love This Scare: Would you believe James Franco wasn’t even the best part? It is a very different kind of ghost story, but full of surprises and creepiness.

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Genre: Horror, Thiller

A deaf and mute writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.

Why We Love This Scare: This is a classic scary movie where you end up yelling at the TV hoping the main character will hear you and turn around.

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The Babysitter

Genre: Comedy, Horror

When Cole stays up past his bedtime, he discovers that his hot babysitter is part of a satanic cult that will stop at nothing to keep him quiet.

Why We Love This Scare: Y’ALL. This is the PERFECT movie combining both comedy and horror. One minute we were guffawing and the next we we’re hiding a our eyes with a pillow.

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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

After a look-alike takes over her account, a cam girl with a growing fan base sets out to identify the mysterious culprit and reclaim her own identity.

Why We Love This Scare: This movie will leave you on the edge-of-your-seat while showcasing a theme of social media gone awry and where the future of technology could lead.

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Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Amid a terrifying pandemic, a father searches the wilds of Australia for someone willing to protect and care for his infant daughter.

Why We Love This Scare: Michael LOVES scary movies with a worldwide plague or pandemic. Finding one that’s original is tough . . . until we clicked on Cargo.

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The Perfection

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

In this twisty horror-thriller, a once-promising music prodigy reconnects with her former mentors, only to find them taken with a talented new pupil.

Why We Love This Scare: We thought we knew where this movie was headed 10 minutes in… boy were we wrong. Also, the ending is INSANE.

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As Above, So Below

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A beautiful tomb raider and her crew hunt for treasure in the catacombs of Paris and find themselves in a hellish underworld.

Why We Love This Scare: This is one of Ian’s all-time favorite scary movies. Truly genius and the best “found-footage” film in years.

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Gerald’s Game

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

When her husband’s sex game goes wrong, Jessie — handcuffed to a bed in a remote lake house — faces warped visions, dark secrets and a dire choice.

Why We Love This Scare: It truly is a beautiful game. Throughout the movie, you’ll experience the tension, scares, confusion, hope, and denial.

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Genre: Horror, Thriller

On Halloween night, inside a dilapidated apartment building, Art the Clown stalks his victims, slicing and slaughtering in terrifying silence.

Why We Love This Scare: You better have a stomach for clowns and gore. This movie is truly terrifying. Michael only saw half because he was hiding under a blanket for the other half.

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Y’all ready to get spooked? Check out the movies above and let us know your favorite Halloween scares, because #ILoveThatForYou.

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