Celebrity Fads We Follow - Kookie Jars

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Hey y’all! As we sat outside at Munkle Brewing while enjoying a well-deserved draft, Ian realized some of our home decor ideas have a common theme - many are celebrity fads we have held close to our hearts and made them our own. Admitting our guilty pleasure for celebrity fads, we are kicking off a new blog series highlighting our favorite celebrity fads we still follow. 

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Our first “Celebrity Fad I Love For You” involves two of life’s staples: Kardashians and Kookies.

We were introduced to this fad on March 22, 2015 while sitting in our Houston studio apartment with our eyes glued to the newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (one of Ian's all-time favorite shows). It was a little more than half-way through the episode when we saw it. The feeling of envy and #goals was immediate. Khloe Kardashian’s perfectly arranged cookies organized in such a way one could feel guilty removing a single cookie to eat.

The next day, we brought home three large cookie jars and eight bags of Oreo's in tow. As cookie jar organizer beginners, we wanted to start with Oreo's, and clearly we did not know how many were needed. Today, we’ve incorporated wafers, Dunkers (long chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s/heaven) and sometimes even macaroons.


Are you someone who wants to see a guest’s jaw drop as twinkles appear in their eyes upon entering your kitchen? Do you enjoy putting tiny things in large jars? Do you love cookies? If you answered yes to those questions, we have our favorite tips and tricks to make your cookie dreams come true. 

1. Cookie Jar Sizes

If you are truly dedicated to gorgeous cookie displays, purchase a large, medium and small glass cookie jar - at a minimum. Khloe suggests the Heritage Hill glass jars from Crate & Barrel. If you're not near a Crate & Barrel and have no patience for shipping, understandably, we found our at Target.

2. Cookie Intimidation

Don’t let the shape or size of a cookie discourage your from experimenting with new types of cookies to organize. Our current favorite cookie - Dunkers from Trader Joe’s - seemed laughable to organize at first (almost as laughable as writing a blog post on cookie jar organization.). It turns out they fit perfectly, looked beautiful and made it easier to grab one when the craving hit.

3. Cookie Inventory

Clearly, purchasing eight bags of Oreo's was overboard. So for your first attempt, purchase a measly five bags of Oreo's. It is of the utmost importance to purchase “Double Stuf” (for appearance) and “Family Size (for staying within a cookie budget). Take time when placing cookies for the base layer, as it will define how the rest of your stack appears. Place the next layer of cookies centered on the point where the two cookies meet in the layer below and repeat. Khloe suggest replacing the cookies once a month for maximum fresh-ness. Fortunately for us, or perhaps unfortunately, we hit the bottom of the jar before the deadline arrives.

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To learn more from the true cookie jar master, watch Khloe’s cookie jar tutorial on YouTube. Now get to filling your home with as many cookies as possible, because I Love That For You.