We thought of one thing y’all might not know about us – Ian is 100 percent, without a doubt, the more stylish one of I Love That For You.

As the weather cooled, we removed our sweaters from the “seasonal closet,” and a glimmer of delight came back to Ian’s eyes. Why? Fall. Fashion.

Michael has learned those who are stylish know one thing for certain – a few staple pieces can last all season and work with every outfit.

To fall even harder, pair a staple piece with a timeless treasure you own, such as a scarf or vintage sweater, to make every outfit unique and personal.

We’ve got fall colors, fall fabrics, fall patterns, fall fashion. Are you ready to fall? Because I Love That For You.


A few of our favorite fall staples are pieces you can’t buy. They are close to our hearts, whether passed down or vintage finds with priceless values.

Michael’s favorites? His grandpa’s sweater keeps him warm all season long, especially when paired with the infinity scarf Michael’s cousin John gave him after finding it in a quiet New York vintage shop. Ian’s go-to fall pieces include the cardigan passed on from his dad, or his lucky L.L. Bean vintage find.


Are you interested in some of these fall lewks for yourself or someone you know in desperate need of a fall fashion makeover? Click the pictures above to view each piece’s information and a link to purchase!

If y’all don’t know, we pride ourselves in trying to stay within a budget. But you might notice a few of our pieces come with a high price tag. This is one area where we agree it’s worth putting money towards forever fashions.

Our fall favorites consist of pieces you can mix with a variety of outfits and wear all season long. Functionality and style at its best. They also make great gifts for yourself or even someone else.

Are y’all falling for all this fall fashion as hard as we are? Don’t worry. We are here to catch your fall, because #ILoveThatForYou.

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  1. Was hoping to hear from you on my previous inquiry – i.e., how I might procure the nice looking long blue jacket in your Lewks with Links piece on your website? Pls let me know! Thank you,
    Rob – Burlington, Vermont [email protected]

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