Y’all— What. A. Year. Even though we got married in February this year, which is known as the last wedding of 2020, it feels like a lifetime ago. Months and months spent without seeing our friends or exploring Charleston like we used to left us feeling a little stir crazy. We thought it couldn’t have been a better time to take a little near-cation!

Of course, when thinking of where to stay, there was really only one option… Hotel Bella Grace. Check out how we spent our near-cation below because I Love That For You.


Of course, with our luck, we booked our near-cation the same day Charleston decided to have its first torrential downpour in weeks.

We planned on doing all the fun downtown things we have missed over the past few months, like riding bikes through the historic streets of the Holy City, walking to our favorite downtown coffee spot (Saffron Bakery & Restaurant), and casually walking down King Street to see what’s new at each of the shops. All things made impossible with the aggressive amount of rain that hit our windshields as we drove to Hotel Bella Grace.

Luckily, for Michael at least, our near-cation turned into his dream near-cation. His logic? When your room is that nice, why leave?


Hotel Bella Grace must have known we needed a break from reality because, upon arrival, we opened the doors to our room to find a bottle of chilled champagne ready for popping.

Fun fact: it was our first bottle of champagne since our wedding!

Michael then casually mentioned that the Bachelorette was on that night and knew he has piqued Ian’s interest. There was only one thing Michael knew to mention to solidify the stay as Michael’s perfect near-cation… say the word, “pizza.”

And he did.

We ordered the largest pizza we’ve ever seen in our lives from Benny Ravello’s, called down for our car, and went to pick it up. When we returned, we popped on the giant television, watched Claire awkwardly tell Chris Harrison that her and Dale’s next steps are “BABIES,” and dived into the most delicious pizza we’ve had in a while from the comfy seating area in our room.

To many, this might seem like an average, mundane night. To us, it was as perfect as it gets. Sometimes, you just need to get in a new environment and give your brain a break, especially these days. The fact we were able to unwind while in a luxe, beautiful room is the cherry on top.

We would highly recommend everyone to put a near-cation on their calendar for a great way to treat your mental health. Of course, y’all should 100 percent stay at Hotel Bella Grace. Why? Because #ILoveThatForYou.

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