We know… it has been a while since we last shared a blog post. But we’re coming back strong and sharing a topic many of y’all will find helpful.

As the wedding date gets closer, we’ve been forced to make more and more decisions. Selecting our wedding photographer, Cameron Hinkle has been the biggest yet. We were lucky to slide in a quick photoshoot when he visited Charleston over the July 4th holiday and got a sneak peek of what it will be like having him on our big day.

Check out our list of 10 reasons why we picked Cameron Hinkle as I Love That For You’s wedding photographer below and fight your decision fatigue.

*All of the gorgeous photos in this blog post were taken by the amazingly talented Cameron Hinkle.


Immediately, we both knew the most important factor in selecting our wedding photographer was feeling comfortable with the person on the other side of the lens. Cameron knew this about us, so we sat down at a coffee shop and shared our endless list of suggestions. He was open and shared his expert knowledge, giving us the level of comfort we needed. We highly suggest an in-person meeting with honest and open communication.

Natural Moments

Cameron’s photography highlights the most natural moments of us together. Whether walking downtown or strolling through the park, he candidly snapped away. Candid moments are ones you’ll cherish forever. A photographer who sometimes feels as though they disappeared means they’re busy capturing premium candid content.

Natural Elements

Cameron shoots couples in their natural environment. Why? It adds another layer of comfort. It can be hard for couples to genuinely express the love their (we’re) trying to share when being watched. Cameron takes the environment where you feel natural, plays with the natural elements around you, and ends up tripling the number of photos!


When he was shooting us, we quickly saw how he works. Cameron shoots each photo with a purpose. The purpose is to share the story behind the photo. Not only did we not pose for these photos, he asked us not to pose. Even when we fell back into our posed routine, he’d ask us a question or mix it up so we could get back to sharing authentic moments of love for him to capture.


It’s all about the angles, baby. This is a fact we came to learn fast taking our own photos with a tripod. One angle, we’re both 40 pounds heavier and another, we have defined jawlines. Well, did Cameron show us a thing or two about angles. He has a trained eye for them. Bless the man and our engagement weight.


Cameron was encouraging and sincere. He vocalized what he wanted and how it looked. If he felt a sense of lagging, he was there to hype us back up for the next moment. We know that’s going to be crucial for any wedding day.


Let’s get real, y’all. When you are looking like a snack, it feels good to be in the spotlight. We are so used to setting up our own photo with a tripod and camera, so having someone else taking the photo felt like the red carpet. He made us feel good about ourselves and gave us the confidence we needed.


If someone you hire showed up with wrinkled clothes and papers flying everywhere, you’d have some concerns, right? Cameron was the exact opposite of that description. He was insanely organized and efficient, especially when we gave him only 20 minutes to shoot (sorry!) because we had to head to Ian’s birthday party. We know something will not go according to plan and having a photographer who is organized and able to adapt is priceless.


Cameron photography aesthetic is STUNNING. It is timeless, elegant, and beautiful. He focuses on light, airy photos and introduces a special signature to any photo he takes.


We love Cameron because he supports the LGBTQ+ community. He created a safe space for us to celebrate the most special moments of our wedding bliss. That feeling is the most important. Thank you, Cameron, for giving us the luxury of that feeling.

Of course, y’all might have different reasons on why you will or did select your wedding photographer. But you if haven’t thought of some of these reasons for selecting one, one or two of these might be helpful. Y’all go check out his work and Instagram below, because #ILoveThatForYou.

@cameronhinklephotography | www.cameronhinkle.me | @cameronhinkle

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