Y’all. We have officially passed the six-month mark until our wedding. Each week, we are presented with an endless list of decisions paired with overwhelming excitement. Since a lot is now out of our hands, we decided to prepare for the small things now so they don’t slip through the cracks later.

First up – who wants to worry about thank you cards after the wedding? We did our research and selected Basic Invite for our thank you cards and already ordered them! Completely customized, gorgeous, and marked off our to-do list.

We’ve shared what we love most about Basic Invite when creating our own customized stationery. PS – There’s have a sweet discount code you can use at the end!

Unlimited Colors

Basic Invite provides an almost unlimited list of color options, which is vital for a couple who highly values aesthetics. Not only can you see an instant preview online, but you can also change the color of any element down to the last detail.

This was super important to us because we’ve wanted all the wedding invitations to tell a story, including the thank you cards.

Custom Samples

Another huge win? Basic Invite sent us a printed sample of our actual stationary. When working on our save-the-dates, colors and fonts slightly differed on print. That’s when we learned samples saved us over and over.

So why not have the same level of quality for all your other stationery. We say “all,” we mean it! Basic invite offers stationery for all occasions, whether personalized baby shower invitations, baby shower girl invitations, or our thank you cards.

Envelope Colors

Nothing sets the mood for the recipient like stunning envelopes. Why be ordinary when you can stand out? Yes…we chose black, out of the 40 color options, but we love some edge and are obsessed.

Address Book

This was HUGE for us since many of our friends have moved in the past six months. Basic Invite offers a service we shared on Facebook and lets people fill out current address information at no cost!


Finally, the cherry on top is the selection of foil available. Nothing makes stationary stand out like a foil card in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Now why did we walk y’all through our process of creating our thank you card stationary? Because honestly, it was really fun to do together while also checking off a box ahead of time. We’ve noticed the wedding to-do list is starting to pile up, so anything to prepare us to enjoy the big day is epic.

Are y’all interested in checking out these gorgeous cards? Basic Invite is even offering a 15% discount with coupon code: 15FF51! You can even view more examples of the variety at storybook shower seal & send or on their social channels at Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,  and Twitter. All views and opinions are our own!

So check them out y’all, because #ILoveThatForYou.

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